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This is Perfect:

I still wish on stars, sometimes.

When one is not enough I wish on constellations;

(I wish on entire galaxies.)

You can have my wish tonight. I’ll wish it for you.

I wish you passion that slips in through your skin and wakes you, before you’re ready.

I wish you hope that surrounds you and tucks you in at night.

I wish you quiet when you don’t seek it, and noisy when you need it. I wish you a song that slides inside your hips and won’t be still. I wish you a laugh that throws your head back and refuses to be contained.

I wish you your eight-year-old smile, escaping, in the middle of your important, grown-up day.

(I saw it once peeking out, before you put it away. I know it’s in there.)

I wish you wistful wanting that goes unfulfilled...for awhile.

I wish all your jagged edges washed smooth by tears that come from laughing too hard and too long; from beauty that makes them spill out without your permission.

I wish you forgetting. I wish the ink of your old hurts faded, weathered by the sun, until you can’t read them anymore.

I wish you a dream that sinks its teeth into you and won’t let go. That interrupts your plans. That keeps you up at night.

I wish you a heart that aches from stretching in undiscovered places.

I wish you more, and again more, and yes still more: love.

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Dear lovely ones,
I wanted to share with you some of my work from the past month or so in which I have been working oh so very hard.
I felt like some of you might be interested in some of the things that i create with my hands and my brain and my heart.
So here they are,
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A Manifesto of Anything
A creature is sleeping in me. Unearthing me, burying me in my own saltwater, letting the barnacles grow on me.
I wish Ginsberg would sing to me on Saturday nights when it is raining and i have to tell myself i can take care.
I wish Patti Smith could stroke my hair and Neruda would rub my feet to remind me who i once was.
Your eyes resemble a child in the night, a pomegranate king.
I will fuck you like you were a prayer.
You are the sky and my hollow night, you are the thing that holds me in the night, you are the saint of my body.
I don't want to let go of your hand, I just need to hear your voice. I'm holding my breath just to hear it.
And i know that this is wrong, that i make everything too romantic, that you don't even believe in romance and that you didn't really believe in love until me, that maybe i changed your mind and maybe i could change your mind again.
And i know that i make mountains out of everything just so i can move them out of my way when i feel strong enough.
i stay up into the night just to feel hollow eyed and alone, just to feel the quiet loneliness that is a rainy night in october somewhere close to halloween, to feel the pain of anger of madness and of the holy mind that is always there mocking me.
And i know that i just write these words to keep me company in that night, but maybe i too believe in love, maybe i too believe in second chances and thing changing always and your hand in the night, wrapped around my foot, breathing me back to care.

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"I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities I have visited."
- Jorge Luis Borges

This is how i feel...

Dance dance dance!

After watching the season finale of SYTYCD I have been feeling incredibly inspired by dance as an art form, the stories it tells and the emotion it enables in me. I've been investigating different forms and have been so moved by it all. Mostly I'm just SO turned on by Russell and Lil C krumping together tonight.
There is this beast in me that feels this so strongly- eep take a look:


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Text Message to Hudson
Me: Do you have any plans tonight?
Hudson:Yep. Gonna see you.

aw shucks.
Other things: my sister just had her wisdom teeth out, she's crying in her bed with my stuffed squid and her bear, but I'm having severe sympathy pain, i can barely chew my jaw hurts so bad!
I made cinnamon buns! whee!